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About PeeVee's Furniture

In 1996, we started our journey with a carpenter at Chembakuth, a village near Nilambur in which the oldest teak plantation of the world is. But now, over two decades later, we PeeVees have around 100000 square feet space for seasoning plant, sawmill, wooden factory and so on at Thiruvali village in Nilambur Taluk. We offer a diverse range of modern and traditional furniture.

PeeVees' success has grown from it's ability to produce high quality furniture at affordable and unbeatable prices with outstanding customer service.

PeeVees is the brainchild of P V. Sajid Babu, a man with great business acumen and innovative ideas, who nurtured the brand all through the way and helpped to become one of the most sought after brand in category.

PeeVees offers an extensive and impressive range of furniture, modular furniture, home furnishings, home accessories, bed and bath products and kitchenware by using Kerala’s Nilambur teak, one of the most sought after woods in the world, rubber wood, Mahogany and so on.

PeeVees is a joint family of carpenters, professionals, skilled people and energetic market teams. We focus on insight, innovation and great design to ensure the widest selection of quality products.

Our vision at PeeVees is to reach customers directly at Factory price and improve their quality of lifestyle to International standards.